Shahida Clinic Services

Dr. Shahida Jamil Afridi is a very competent doctor who offers a number of services such as Maternal Care, Obesity Management, Normal Delivery, Endometeriosus, Antenatal Checkup, Gynaecological Surgeries, Cesarean (C-Section), Obstetrical Ultrasound and Vaginal Infections (Luecorrhea) etc.
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Our Services


A Colposcopy procedure room with the latest machine for cervical cancer screenings

Obesity Management,

Cesarean section
Normal vaginal delivery
Instrumental delivery
Post-delivery physiotherapy service

Prenatal (before and during pregnancy) Care:

Comprehensive antenatal care and classes
24 x 7 Emergency services for women

Obstetric and Maternity services

Childbirth and baby care education
Breastfeeding education
Delivery at one of four Childbirth Centers

gynecologists and nurse midwives

Breast cancer
Cervical cancer


Our goal is to provide compassionate, comprehensive, quality healthcare to girls

Cesarean (C-Section)

cesarean delivery — also known as a C-section or cesarean section — is the surgical delivery of a baby.

Obstetrical Ultrasound

Obstetric ultrasound uses sound waves to produce pictures of a baby (embryo or fetus) within a pregnant woman,

Better Health Care is Our Mission

24/7 service. Same Day Appointments are Available.

0302 7488889

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